Sunday, 3 June 2018

Three days of Wildlife

This long weekend is the last before I return to work tomorrow for the final 7-week haul to the Summer Holidays.

As part of my action against the badger cull I started Friday by posting off 13 letters to the heads of DEFRA, Natural England and Warwickshire County Council. I am not expecting a reply but I have to say something. Additionally,
my welcome pack from the Badger Trust arrived and I got in touch the Warwickshire Badger Group to tell them of the setts I knew of.

Several weeks ago I discovered a large network of holes not far from me and so in the afternoon I set up on of my trail cameras to see what I could find. I continued my cycle up to the top fields where sometimes I see Little Owl, sadly none were in evidence but I did spot a vibrant Greenfinch and the local Buzzard wheeling casually in the sky carrying his dinner, a rabbit from the looks of it.

The following day I went back to the camera to see if the sett was being used and retrieved the camera. I was pleased to discover that it is in use and had at least one cub. In the clip below you can see play-fighting behaviour.

Last night with my battery recharged I put out my moth trap. I was a little disappointed with the results this morning but I did get some interesting non-moth inhabitants including an Alder Fly and 3 Mayflys Ephemera danica. 

I collected 8 moths in total. 4 Heart and Darts (Agrostis exclamationis), 1 unknown Pug, 1 White Spotted Pug (Eupethicia tripunctaria), 1 Marsh Pug (Eupethicia pygmaeata) and 1 micro moth Eudonia pallida.

Heart and Dart

White Spotted Pug


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