Monday, 28 May 2018

Save Mr Brock

As any reader of this blog will know I am vociferously against the ongoing Badger cull in the UK. I have highlighted my scientific concerns many times. 

This year plans were put in place to extend the cull to 8 new regions in Low-Risk Areas, which is set to include my home turf, Warwickshire. As you may recall I have both emailed and written to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Micheal Gove and my local MP, Matt Western.

I sent the last letters on the 22nd April and so far haven't received a single reply, a sad indictment on our political situation. My local MP has lost my vote in the future. 

Letters aside I was horrified to read an article stating that approval of the new areas is a done deal and that to encourage shooting squads that every badger killed will net them £50 (Telegraph). All hope isn't lost yet, two legal challenges are due in July but given the success of previous cases, this is nothing but a tenuous hope, as DEFRA have already posted their guidance to Natural England regarding cull licencing (Natural England).

I worry about the setts near me. I worry about my badgers the ones I am slowly getting to know and identify. I find it so hard to rationalise the image presented by DEFRA and the reality. Take for instance their main web page ( See below)

DEFRA splash page 28th May 2018 (
The six lead articles are inspiring and uplifting. Action taken across the globe to protect the environment and species and yet at the same time, the same organisation is implementing a vendetta against a species on a political whim rather than a scientific one.

So what is there to do... well there's not much I can suggest, write to everyone you can you may have more luck than me. Talk to your friends and colleagues, maybe boycott UK milk and beef, help fund local action groups or donate to the Wildlife Trust or Badger Trust. I do not advocate any illegal action in any form, there is always an alternative to such actions. 


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