Saturday, 12 March 2016

Spring is here

Today was a gorgeous sunny day that typified a March spring day. I have been seeing signs of spring for weeks but today after the appalling rain in the week and all the flooding it really felt well and truly.

The number one sign for me was the arrival of the lambs in the fields up the lane. This brought memories of my childhood 30+ years ago when mum would take us up the lane to see them. The lambs were full of energy and charging about with the energy and joy that comes with new life and the excitement of finding every experience new.

In a moment of realism however it is important to remember that these lambs are part of a working landscape and despite their delight at life and our delight in seeing them, in 20 weeks they will be making their way to our plates.

Along the lane the spring flowers were emerging, Celandine, Dog Violet, Stitchwort and Lords and Ladies.

Among these plants were the first ladybirds of the season emerging from hibernation.

Lastly at the top of the lane the Blackthorn is still in full blossom, but behind them the whole walk was juxtaposed by the flytipping of some building material. The walk ended on a sour note because of this.

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