Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday, Good Day

After a week of dullness and yesterdays rain today's bright warm sunshine was a delight. I had several things to do but managed to grab my bike and head of to St Nich's Park to check on the Swans.

On my way to work during the week I noticed that the pair of swans on the canal were paired up and starting to make a nest so I thought it best to check in with those at the park.

There was a lot of silt and mud left from the recent flooding but everything seemed back to normal. At the feeding area was a pair of swans with three of last years cygnets. The adults were starting to become aggressive towards the cygnets trying to force them out of the area.

At the pools there was a second pair including BEF last years male, they seemed well settled but there was no sign of nesting, although another swan had started a nest by the river.

In the quieter pools another sign of spring was evident, masses and masses of frogspawn.

Other birds seen in the park included three pairs of Coot all vying for space and nesting rights,

And lastly to top things off the sweet song of a Dunnock serenaded me.