Monday, 26 October 2015

Deer Family...

A few weeks ago my camera picked up a female Muntjac with a fawn. Muntjac are able to breed practically all year round and so this was not too surprising. This week I managed to catch the whole family.

The female was in the lead with the male with distinctive eye stripe and horns bringing up the year.

On a related note I am starting see differences in patterns between last years sightings with the camera and this years, The number of Grey Squirrel sightings is much reduced this year relating to the fact that the beech tree on which the camera is fixed to has not fruited at all and there is no ground fall beechmast.

The rabbit I caught was a one off, it was seen on that day and that day only. Its possible that this was a buck exiled from a warren and was off to find a new colony to join or found his own.