Sunday, 11 October 2015

Badgers and TB

The topic of Badgers and TB is an emotive and explosive one. It will come to no surprise to me that I am opposed to the culling of badgers to reduce bTB in cattle.

There are facts and counter facts banded about by all sides. Sadly even the government does not seem able to focus on the science and data being revealed in the UK.

I decided to put down quickly some facts about the issue in the form of an infographic and here is the result:

The infographic is by no means a complete picture and I have tried to be as objective as possible in presenting the information. Anyone looking into this issue will find a wealth of information on the government websites and many farming and wildlife sites like wise have reams of information. I have restricted my information to government information or papers presented in peer reviewed journals.

Next I am interested to investigate the results of the Welsh approach to controlling the disease that seems to have resulted in a significant reduction of the disease without the use of culling.

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