Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hey there Foxy

Part 3 of my camera sightings round up is the Red Fox.

I've already posted clips showing the cub and vixen so I'll not add too many of them. But to start with here is a clip of the youngster and mum

In this next clip the cub you can clearly see the cub starting to hone his hunting skills, He has started to forage for his own food and you can clearly see who his ears are erect and listening and he even makes a few simple pouncing movements.

On the same topic of feeding we next have a clip of a fox feeding on low hanging berries.

And to finish off my favourite and again one I may have shown before. A stand off between Fox Cub and Pheasant. He knows what he should do but really isn't that confident and tries to nonchalantly ignore the issue.

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