Monday, 19 January 2015

Badger Badger in the night

For my first collection of clips I have chosen my favourite animal - the Badger.

First off is foraging behaviour. The clip shows a pair of badgers rooting about in the leaf litter looking for insects

They are known for digging with their strong claws and sticking their noses in to get at food resulting in some badgers getting a very muddy nose.

Next up is marking, this is a regular occurrence caught by the camera. The path they use past the camera is towards one end of their territory and so they often stop to mark with urine.

Badgers are well known for their scratching and this next clip catches one pausing to scratch and possibly mark in the classical upright pose.

The last video for this collection is one showing something odd... It seems as if this badger has an earring in its left ear. I've never seen it on one before or since and am assuming its a caught bramble leaf... or perhaps its a fashion statement.

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