Thursday, 23 January 2014

So... what is this all about? A simple enough question, but not one I m sure I can answer fully at the moment.

I have had the idea of blogging in the back of my mind for several years. I started running  blog for showcasing some of my wildlife photographs and research back in 2011 but this was very intermittent and I struggled to make it mean anything.

In 2013 I started listening to the BBC's excellent 'Shared Planet' radio programme on Radio 4. Presented by Monty Don, whose dulcet tones calm and soothe all calamities, the programme looks at various environmental and conservation themes. Over the weeks I began to get a sense of some of the issues discussed and had me thinking back to my days studying Environmental Biology and Environmental Impact Assessment at university. Bit by bit I was drawn back into the problems faced by nature conservation today.

At the same time as these thoughts were ruminating I was starting to find difficulties in British politics. I've always had an interest in politics but of late I have begun to despair on the policies the various parties are coming up effecting nature conservation.

These two thoughts seemed to coalesces over Christmas with me wanting to try and document my feelings and thoughts on these matters. I hope in doing so I can perhaps devise some ideas that can be of use or to light the spark in someone else.

This blog then will in the future cover the whole range of conservation theories and news. I will speak mostly on a British level but that's not to say that global affairs won't sneak in from time to time. There will be posts regarding the Badger Cull, HS2, Planning Law, Green Policy, Climate Change and much more... I hope.

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