Sunday, 20 December 2020

The by products of a study

 The discovery of Otters on my patch was very much a by product of the Mostela I installed by the backwater. The Mostela itself was byproduct of under recording of mustelids and shrews on the main camera I use on the hedgerow.

Although I am ostensibly recording Mammals on the main camera I record all wildlife recorded including all the bird species observed, these can be quite wide and varied. In the same way the Otter Cam picks up more than just the otters, in fact most of the shots pick up other creatures. This post explores some of the other animals and birds recorded.

First off is a species I haven' t seen yet this year. Little Grebe tend to overwinter on this stretch of the river, usually up to three individuals. The amount of rain in the past week has swelled the river and now much of what the camera sees is water. The normally elusive grebe was recorded,

Like much of the site there is an abundance of  Wood Mice who can be seen here chasing each other round and round.

One of the highlights of Lockdown was the number of Roe Deer seen in the area. In recent months the number of sightings had fallen but they are still present.

Lastly we have a lovely clip to two of the larger Badgers resident on the site. They are seen here out foraging together but still asserting dominance over one another with the odd nip and tussle.

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