Sunday, 15 April 2018

Ongoing Projects - an update

I haven't posted in awhile and there are some good reasons for that, so I thought I would update you on whats going on.

Over the last two weeks, the weather hasn't been very inspiring and I have felt out of sorts this has meant I haven't been out as much as usual, add to that I have had an assignment to write for my Master's course.

Camera Trapping
My camera trapping project is coming on a pace and I am still wading through the piles of data to collate them into a suitable document for publishing.
The bait camera trap is still producing excellent results and I am starting to build up a database of individual badgers that use the area.
At home, with help of Ron Bury, I have managed to repair my two Acorn cameras and was able to use one this week to finally solve the mystery of what has been making a hole in the lawn - a mouse!

I m still campaigning against the Badger Cull and the lack of scientific rigour in the government's plans, there will be more on this soon.
Sadly I still haven't heard back from Micheal Gove or my local MP yet.

Whilst pottering about on my land I discovered a huge haul of over 30 owl pellets. I believe them to be from a Tawny Owl that uses the oak tree as a roost. I have spent the last 2 weeks slowly dissecting each one. It is fascinating to see the number of prey eaten. I have only dissected out 21 so far but have counted 72 individual prey items - all rodents to far although one did contain a beetle leg, another a feather and nearly all of them soil - an indication of worm consumption.

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