Sunday, 11 March 2018


A quick post tonight to highlight a rare sighting made on the trail cam. On Friday at 7.22 in the morning the camera recorded a Weasel.

I have recorded Weasels before but this was the first time a clear image was collected. They are our smallest carnivore and lightning fast. I have my camera set to record both a still shot photo and a video. It is situations like this that show why. The photo has a faster trigger than the video and by the time the video had clicked in 3 seconds later the weasel was gone. If it was set to just video it is unlikely I would have any record, just a 10-second clip of the ground.

I still want to get footage of the Weasel in action as they are a marvel to watch. I was lucky enough to see one in February 2010. The small creature ran lithely through the undergrowth before seeing me and diving into a small hole in a tree. It was obviously uncomfortable in the hole and kept checking to see if I was still there. I waited and watched for awhile getting a few photos and then just as I turned my head slightly it was off, taking the chance to bolt into leaf litter and disappeared. It was without a doubt one of my most memorable wildlife encounters

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