Sunday, 10 July 2016

Professor Yaffle

Today was a somewhat mixed day. The wind was up and there were showers across the morning meaning that there was much about down my patch. I did spot some juvenile Great Tits and several Comma butterflies were seen taking to the wing. Instead I got my most interesting sight on the way home in the sheep fields next to Woodloes Lane - a Green Woodpecker.

Green Woodpeckers are surprisingly large birds. They happen to love this field. The sheep keep the grass short and there a plenty of yellow meadow ant nests for them to feast on. I managed to get some nice shots before it was frightened away by some Woodpigeons.

Professor Yaffle from the childrens programme Bagpuss was based on the Green Woodpecker. Yaffle is an old name for the woodpecker based on its laughing call.

The individual I saw was a juvenile. One of this years young. You can tell this by its colouration. There are more more patches of grey on the bird as if someone hasn't quite finished colouring it in yet.