Sunday, 7 June 2015

Happy Birthday Trail Cam

It has now been a full year that my trail cam has been situated on the beech tree on my patch and what a year it has been.

It has been running 24/7 in that time with occasional breaks where the camera batteries died or I forgot to switch it back on when swapping out the camera card. Over the year the camera didn't record for 7 of the 52 weeks and in total was active for 7476 hours.

Its too early to give you a full analysis of my findings but I can give you a quick run down of facts.

In the 7476 hours the camera recorded the following animal activation's:

139 Badgers

225 Foxes

127 Muntjac

616 Grey Squirrel

354 Wood Mice

Several Brown Rats

1 Polecat !!!!!

And the following birds:
Great Tit
Song Thrush

Below are the up to date graphs of abundance, I will go over these in greater detail once I have had time to analyse the data but its because fairly clear that there are patterns evident I thought I would let everyone have a look.