Monday, 23 March 2015


Another quick post this week, things have been very busy at home and work and I have had little time to get out and about, however Easter is approaching and I have plans.

First off I have bought some Badger food pellets to try and see which sets are using which latrine pits. Next I have some new waders and want to get into the backwater and clear some debris and lastly I need to do a full Swan Watch to check who has paired with who and whether any nests are in the offing.

So to this week, I collected my camera as usual but nothing particularly stood out in the footage. There was a slight increase in Wood Mouse numbers and it will be interesting to see if this continues. It was glorious weather on Sunday during my patch visit but time constraint meant I only had half an hour and had to whip round.

Unusually for me I went in the afternoon rather than the morning and soon remembered why - there were people and dogs everywhere, what birds were about were quickly spooked such as this magnificent Kestrel that I had hoped to catch hunting. A Jackdaw chased him and his partner off and then they were both startled by a pair of dog walkers.