Sunday, 1 June 2014

Getting Foxy

Following on from my review of the Bushnell Trail Cam I can say that I am well impressed. So far I ve had it in the field for 5 weeks and its only just used half of the battery life.

What I like about using the trail cam is the stories that develop through its recording.

When I started the first few images included Foxes, most seemed to be of a Vixen. Then towards the end of the 2nd Week I caught her twice carrying food, once a bird the second a rabbit. The fact that she was carrying it suggested the presence of young and lone behold in the next week a young cub was seen.

Over the next few weeks the cub was seen more often and you could begin to see behaviour develop. The protectiveness of the Vixen, how the cub doesn't seem to be allowed past the tree on its own and how the cub is starting to forage around by itself.

Below is a collection of clips showing them.

And just to finish off an interesting clip of a Fox being pestered by something in the tree and getting something up its nose.

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